Quick Guide To Become An International Nail Artist

International nail course is high in demand because it enhances beauty skill and gives enormous opportunity in the fashion industry. With the pace of time and modernization, the fashion industry has grown sharply. Most people prefer to get a charming look and this is possible through the artist. If you are keen interested in the fashion industry and need to make your career as an international nail artist, then this article is best for you.

Nail Art- A Glimpse

Before moving to the brief of the nail art course, you must know about nail art, its types, and the reasons for its popularity in today’s life. So, let’s begin the journey of a fascinating world.

No doubt, nails enhance the beauty of hands and thus give an overall astonishing look. Nails vary as per the person, some got short nails, brittle nails, long nails, and many more. Nail Art is a technique to make the nails shinier by applying various beauty elements. Moreover, there are various forms of nail art such as 3D nail art, Airbrush Nail Art, Stencil Nail Art, and many more.

Back in the olden days, the ladies mostly focused on dressing and makeup, they didn’t give importance to the nails and hair. But in the present days, the thinking process is completely changed and now the ladies give equal importance to all the body parts including nails.

Nail Art is quite populous in the modern world and seeing the expansion, some of the international nail hair and beauty academy is offering nail art course. Meribindiya is one of such academies that prepares the students by offering high-class beauty knowledge and also assures career placement.

What all aspects of beauty does Nail Art Cover?

Nail Technician Course covers all the beauty aspects including nail extensions. It is a type of art where nails get an astonishing look and it comes in two sets, i.e., tip and form. In the former one, the artificial nail is glued at the tip of the nail to make it longer whereas, in the latter one (form), the artificial nail is glued all over the nails. In both types of nail extensions, the nails get an amazing look.

Moreover, the types of nail extension also vary as per the glue applied, i.e., Acrylic, Gel, and, others. Here in Meribindiya, you will get a comprehensive knowledge of nail arts with nail extensions.

Now, let’s see the different forms of nail arts that you will learn in the International academy.

  • French Manicure
  • Nail Anatomy
  • Glitter Designing
  • 3D Nail Art
  • Rhinestone Nail Art
  • Printing Nail Art
  • Anti- Fungal Nail Treatment
  • Bridal Nail Art

The above-listed nail arts are the prime ones and you will learn much more about arts at the international beauty academy. In the nail technician course session, you will get to know about the types of nails, methods to make shinier the brittle nails, and the process to cure the nails affected due to fungus and bacteria.

Essential Qualification to become Nail Artist

To get enrolled for the nail art course, you must have completed your elementary education. However, if you have done 10+2, then it is ideal for you to get admission in Diploma in Nail Technology. In general, these are the basic education criteria set by most of the academies, but some of the academies set some preferred conditions for admission in nail courses.

Nail Art Course Duration

The international nail course duration varies as per the academy and the courses offered by them. Most of the academy offers a month course for Diploma in Nail Art and Extension. However, if you go for the Diploma in Nail Technician, the duration for the course will be 2 months.

Now you are well versed with the course duration of a diploma in nail art. On the off chance, if you pick Certification in 3D nail art, the duration will be of 2 weeks.

Nail Art Course Fee

The average nail course fee for the certification is around Rs. 25,000 and for the diploma in nail art, the fee may ranges from Rs. 25000 to 1.5 Lakh. The price varies because of the facilities, infrastructure, and trained professionals offered by the international nail hair and beauty academy. It is advisable to go with such an academy that provides professional trainers so that you will get better exposure after the completion of the course.

Future Scope of Nail Artist after the completion of International Nail Art Course

Scope of Nail Artist after the completion of Nail Art Certification Course

This is the most haunting question that usually arises in the mind of the nail artist. The artists think about whether they will get the opportunity or not. Well, if you go with Meribindiya academy, then you will get the placement assurance, so you don’t have to worry about the job. However, if you want to go for the off-site job, then a few jobs are listed below, that will help you.

  • Hunt a good salon and apply for the Nail Art Technician.
  • If you have certification in pedicure, you can work as a specialist in the medical field.
  • Fashion Industry is the gateway for the nail technician and you can try your fate in the photoshoots. Likewise, you can also consult the managers of the young models for the job as a nail instructor.
  • If you are an extrovert and have marketing skills, then using nail art you can become a sales representative of any beauty firm.
  • YouTube blogging is a perfect platform that will give you an opportunity to work solely. Here no one is your boss and you just need to showcase your nail technician course skills to the public via video. Through this platform, you can earn good money but it is possible only when you get a good number of subscribers.
  • Be a freelancer and earn as much you want. Freelancing is the most efficient platform that will help you to move ahead in your career. If you love blogging, then share your knowledge by writing, running ads on your website, and earning cash.

Bottom Line

International Nail Art Course is dominating the fashion industry and if you want to grasp this opportunity, then get enrolled for the best academy. However, if you are wondering about Nail Art Classes near me, then go with Meribindiya as it offers many branches all over India and it also provides online classes. So, you don’t have to worry about the academic classes. Hence, go ahead and make your career shinier in the fashion industry.

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