Pearl Academy: Makeup Course & Fees

The beauty industry is up with extraordinary innovations every single day. So, in today’s era, the makeup field holds a lot of reverence. From HD to airbrush makeup and different hairstyles, it’s all about the increasing demand for an exclusive look. 

Do you dream about being the top makeup artist? If yes, you need to hone up your skills at Pearl Academy. One of the best academies to learn and enhance your makeup skills. The Pearl Academy courses are carefully designed and ensure to get the best out of you. Want to know about Pear Academies’ makeup courses and fees? Well, then have a look at the following section. 

About Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy has earned its name in the global world. Popularly known to hone students’ skills for about two decades, Pearl Academy is the most sought-after makeup academy. 

international makeup artist

You can trust Pearl Academy to make you run ahead in the competitive world. The combination of practical learning and lectures is designed to cater for the best engagement learning. Innovation and excellence are what define Pearl Academy. So, for the best makeup course, enrol at Pearl Academy today. 

Campuses of Pearl Academy

  • Pearl Academy, Delhi-West
  • Pearl Academy, Jaipur
  • Pearl Academy, Mumbai
  • Pearl Academy, Bengaluru
  • Pearl Academy, Delhi-South

Make up courses at Pearl Academy

Learn the compelling art of makeup and excel in your field. The Pearl Academy diploma courses and other makeup courses will enhance your creativity at its best. Let’s have a look at the different course’s:

  • Fashion and celebrity makeup
  • Celebrity hairstylist
  • Beauty consultant
  • Bridal Hairstylist
  • Celebrity makeup artist
  • Stylish assistant
  • Bridal makeup artist

The 11 months makeup course include:

  • Fashion media makeup
  • Celebrity makeup
  • Bridal Hair
  • Fashion Design

Awards received by Pearl Academy

  • Ranks 2nd top as the best fashion institute
  • Best Design College (2016- 2019)

Pearl Academy fees

The fee structure depends on which course you are undertaking. There are Pearl academy diploma courses and full time. The charges also vary depending on the admission registration fee, tuition fee, examination fee, laboratory and library charges.

You can check the website for details

Pearl Academy Admission requirement and procedure

For the best convenience, you can choose your nearby location. For instance, if you reside in West Delhi, then Pearl Academy Rajouri Garden is the best destination. 

Admissions are based on in-house and entrance tests. If you think you can excel in a particular field, confidence and general knowledge is also key aspect. Candidates can apply for the course by visiting the academy or online process. Please note there maybe even an application fee. Later, there is a written test and face to face interview. Once you clear all the requirements, you are all set to rock your career at Pearl Academy. 

Career Growth at Pearl Academy

Be it the Pearl academy of fashion or makeup, the institution will train you in a manner that you are prepared to face all competition. Moreover, the institution has offered 98% placement options for its students. Isn’t that great? 

International Hairstylist Artist

So, once you enter Pearl Academy, you can be sure that your career will reach heights. The students also get an opportunity to attend international conferences and study tours. Being associated with institutions globally, Pearl Academy is the best institution for your career. 

Expertise staff of Pearl Academy

The trainers of Pearl Academy is a master of beauty courses. They know to shape your talent and guide you in the right direction. These trainers have years of experience and know the trick of makeup, fashion, beauty and hair.

Pearl academy of fashion and beauty is brimming with talented artists. Sometimes there are guest lectures from renowned names in the beauty industry. So, it is a great chance to garner knowledge from them. 


Is Pearl Academy the best institute for makeup courses?

Yes of course, with international level expertise, Pearl beauty academy is the right choice. It’s a privilege to be a part of Pearl Academy. Within a few months of your course, you can see a difference in your knowledge and skills. 

Is getting admission into Pearl Academy a tuff job? 

It all depends on your skills and how you give your test and interview. The process is hassle-free. You need to give your best.

How will I know whether I am selected? 

You may get an official letter on your registered email, or you can check the website for results. You can download the letter or even keep a soft copy for reference. 

Is Pear Academy expensive?

Yes, the course is expensive. However, good things come in an expensive package. In Pearl Academy, you get to interact with the best expertise people and hone your skills. 

Will I get a placement after completing the course from Pearl academy? 

The placement depends on how actively you have succeeded in completing the course. Other than placements, you can apply for jobs online. Completing the beauty course from Pearl Academy holds a great reverence.

Can I work internationally if I’m certified by Pearl Academy?

Yes, you can work out of India. Pearl Academy is one of the top institutes in India. To gain international recognition, you can choose a course from Internation Beauty Expert. The institute has global recognition and can help students to acquire best placements.  So, you can start your work internationally as you become a pro after completing the course from International Beauty Expert.

Is partial fee payment accepted in Pearl Academy?

No, partial payment is not accepted at Pearl Academy. You can read the guidelines in your offer letter. The fees are based on semesters.

Can I get a refund if I do not join the course?

The refund will depend on the academy’s policy. The candidate has to apply for a refund with a reason for not joining. You can check the website for refund details and go through the policy before applying. However, the application fee may not be subject to a refundable amount. 

Bottom Line

Your dream to become the best artist is just an application away. Give a new direction to your career with Pearl Academy courses. Let the magic of makeup shine in your work with the assistance of Pearl Academy. Moreover, if you want to learn international level courses at the best prices, you can contact International Beauty Expert. Their courses and guidance are equivalent to pursuing a course abroad. 

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